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Inaugural Soroptimist Award – Feed your Optimism I

April 2022

Many organisations and businesses in the province of Málaga are working towards a more sustainable food system. They do not always get the recognition they should receive. SI Costa del Sol invite you to put forward organisations and businesses that are actively making a positive change to our local food system. Think of organisations and businesses that promote organic food, local food products, teach about sustainable food, ways to avoid food waste.

Candidates for this First Soroptimist Award can be nominated until the 15th of May 2022. The winners will be presented on the 7th of June at La Noria in Malaga.


  • Food farming and distribution
  • Production of food products
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Restaurant promoting local, organic food and drinks.

The form is in Spanish but you may answer the questions in English: https://forms.gle/P4nhoMzif1dNgWdh7

Please contact Soroptimist with any queries: soroptimist.fsd@gmail.com

Traditional vegetable gardening with Antonia

April 2022

In February we started the first workshop to learn traditional vegetable gardening in Mijas, our local expert Antonia, explains the traditional methods, the importance to work together with nature, what to plant when and how. The participants get their hands dirty and over the months can see the fruits of their work and eat the produce.

Together we can make a difference!
Contact: soroptimist.fsd@gmail.com

A Sea of Optimism

December 2021

With our recycled Christmas tree, we want to draw your attention to the Mediterranean Sea. We are lucky to live so close to the water and to be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, the sea is not as clean as it should be, and the fauna is threatened by pollution and climate change. Sometimes animals get trapped in fishing gear or they get ill or die when they eat the waste around them.

We have made this Christmas tree using waste and objects found on our beaches and in the local ports. We want to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the marine environment, because we can only improve the situation if we work together. Join a beach clean-up, don’t leave your rubbish at the beach, buy less plastic and check that it is biodegradable.

Let’s start with a summary of the information we found out about the United Nations Food Systems Summit.

In the autumn of 2021, the First United Nations Summit on Food Systems will take place in New York. The organizers realize the importance of welcoming the whole world to the table and ask for their feedback and ideas on the subject before the start of the summit.

Everyone needs nutritious food each day and many people are involved in this directly – in the production, distribution and preparation of food – or indirectly – by making policy and by fighting for the environment or animal rights.

A dialogue has to welcome stakeholders from various backgrounds and with many different perspectives, to make sure that all voices are represented. Participants need to be open to different points of view and to listen to each other. We can look for opportunities to transform our food systems, while recognizing their complexity and the significant impact they have on the whole world. A dialogue allows us to complement the work of others, avoid duplication and encourage innovative new thinking.

The organizers reached out to the world and asked member states, organizations and independent convenors to organize dialogues and to ensure they capture as many views and ideas as possible. They ask all participants to respect a set of rules in order to stay focused on the best result, which is a meaningful contribution to the summit:

  • All participants will hold themselves accountable for their commitments
  • The dialogues should take place in a “safe space” which promotes trust and encourages mutual respect
  • The conclusions emerging from the dialogues are not attributed to single individuals.

The reporting system which was put in place gives everybody the opportunity to share what they have learned and to add to the content of the Summit.

The deadline to reach the Sustainable Development Goals is 2030, only 9 years away, so it is time for co-ordinated actions which bring us nearer to the goals, which should ensure a better future for our children and their children.

On 29th May our first dialogue took place. Due to the pandemic it was held at different locations in small groups of maximum 10 participants. On the feedback form for the UN the views and conclusions of our participants were brought together. The second dialogue took place online on 13th July and focused on the actions we can take locally to make our food system more sustainable. We invited a diverse group of stakeholders: environmental groups, health, farming, distribution, local government, NGOs, local leaders in the food system etc.

We feel optimistic because through the dialogue we were able to connect people and organizations locally and to share the outcome of our dialogue with the world via the online platform. This was a unique opportunity to show our local food system – with its challenges and solutions – to the world, to share what we learned and to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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