Project Venezuela

We Stand Up For Women


“Los buenos somos más” means “there are more of us good people”. These words are used by Venezuelans to give each other hope, expressing their conviction that they will get over this crisis, because there are more good people in Venezuela than bad ones.

SI Costa del Sol has members of different nationalities, some of us with strong ties to Venezuela. As many of you might know, Venezuela is going through a humanitarian crisis, people are dying of hunger or lack of medical treatment. Our members have been supporting family and friends on a personal basis for years and have seen that the situation is getting more and more desperate, the Covid-19 pandemic has been the final blow.

Together we have decided to make the support for Venezuela a club project. We work with family and friends in order to assure that our support reaches the people we want to reach. It is very important that what we send will not be sold on the black market.

We are supporting people on a pension and people with health problems. Due to inflation, they get hit extra hard, because the pensions have lost their value and medication or materials are not only hard to find, but also very expensive. People who have been working all their lives, even those who had a good job, have seen the value of their monthly pension go down to the equivalent of 1 US Dollar.

At times like these we need to stand together.

There are several ways to support this project:

-> At the moment we are selling women’s clothes via our charity pop-up shop (Mijas area), for more information go to:

-> Or you can get in touch by phone to find out what items are needed or how to make a donation: +34 610 005552

-> When our Christmas Project is over, we will use our Facebook donation button for this project.

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